Third International Musical

Inclusive Festival

"Solar Music"

In the period from April 16 to 18, 2021, the Regional Public Organization for the Promotion of the Protection of the Rights and Interests of Children with Disabilities, Childhood Disabilities and Their Families "Maria" is holding the Third International Music Inclusive Festival "Solar Music". Venue - Central House of Cinema ( Moscow, Vasilievskaya st., 13с1 )

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

The purpose of the festival is to draw public attention to the development of an inclusive environment in Russia and the world.

The participation of inclusive ensembles from abroad together with Russian ensembles will demonstrate the boundless possibilities of music for social adaptation and rehabilitation of people with mental disabilities, and the international status of the festival will strengthen international ties in the development of an inclusive environment within the framework of the Down Syndrome »International Down Syndrome Day.


Festival history:


In 2019, the ROO "Maria" was the initiator and the main organizer of the First International Music Inclusive Festival "Solar Music" in Moscow.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

In 2020, ROO "Maria" held the Second International Inclusive Music Festival "Solar Music". Performances took place in the open air, on a motor ship on the Moskva River, in the Ostafyevo Estate Museum, as well as in online format. The festival was attended by inclusive groups from Russia, Lithuania, Moldova, Iran, the USA and Korea.


Dear organizers and participants of the International Inclusive Festival "Solar Music"!

Music has no boundaries, it gives all of us the opportunity to know the world, communicate, improve. The organizers of the international festival "Solar Music" carry out a noble mission - they create an opportunity for children and adults from different countries, regardless of their individual characteristics, to create together, rejoice and delight others. The Society for Special Creativity of Lithuania "Guboya" thanks the organizers of the "Solar Music" festival for the opportunity to take part and present their national orchestra of Lithuania "Colored Music" and our soloists - vocalist Vaida Butautaite and jazz pianist Reigardas Daraganas. I would like to believe that this wonderful festival will continue to unite all music lovers and professionals, reveal to society the creative potential of special people, giving everyone hope and faith.

Yours faithfully

Chairman of the Society for Special Creativity of Lithuania "Guboya"

Victoria Vite


Festival program:


April 16 - opening of the Festival. House of Cinema (White Hall) - st. Vasilievskaya 13s1. Online inclusion of a team from Lithuania - Society for Special Creativity of Lithuania "Guboya", the team of ANO "School of Magic" performs at the opening. Cultural program.

April 17 is a concert day. Performance by bands from Russia. Bands from Kursk, Rostov-on-Don, solo performances by members of the Solnechnye Notki Inclusive Orchestra will take part. Cultural program. Excursions to the sights of the city of Moscow.

April 18 - gala concert of the festival participants. Closing of the spring stage of the Festival.

Start at 12:00